Linux Back to Basics: Installing linux

Would you like to try Linux before you install it permanently to your hard drive? Is there a way you can try it before you buy it (or in Linux case use it)? Well, there is a way to try Linux without installing it to your computer. It’s called a Live CD or off your USB drive. You can run Linux off a Live CD / USB drive even on a computer that doesn’t have an internal hard disk. A Linux Live CD runs Linux off the CD/DVD ROM.

Okay let’s get started. Go to:
Google → Linux Mint, Ubuntu or  your favorite Linux Distribution and click their download section. Download the image to your hard drive.

Now you need to burn Linux on a DVD / USB drive.
To Burn Linux to a DVD / USB drive you need to burn the ISO image.
With Nero at the first command you have to select the “Disc Image or Saved Project”
Then “Image, Project, Copy” menu.
Now select the image.
“All supported compilation and images” is selected.
Open the file and click the “Next” button as many times as it is required…
You’re done.

Now you need to tell your computer BIOS to boot from DVD / USB drive.
Check your computer manual for this.
Try: ESC, Delete, F1, F2, F12, (Like I said check your computer manual)
Insert the DVD/CD to your DVD/CD ROM.
Now, you just have to follow the menu instructions.
Just answer a couple of questions and you will have a working Linux on your computer.
Play around with it and see what Linux has to offer.
If you fall in love with Linux just choose the icon to permanently install it to your hard drive.
Make sure you do a back up of your files before you install it to your hard drive.
Hope this helps all those that want to try Linux but where afraid to do so.